Miss Catherine Scott came out to Ceylon (as we were then called) as a missionary in 1866, sent by the Women's Auxillary of the Methodist Church. In the same year a girls' school at Colpetty was started, to which a boarding school was added in 1874. Miss Scott
was its principal from the beginning until she left the island in 1883. When she left, it had been recognized as a High School and there were thirty two boarders.

The Scott Hall is a memorial to her as well as the Rev. John Scott her brother, and his wife. It said of Miss Scott that her best memorial is the lives of the girls whom she inspired by her gentleness and devotion.

The Following appreciation of her character is worth quoting, “She was a true saint with no censorious spirit, good but not austere, pious but always ready to admit mirth and sanctify it, wonderfully human, but above all devoted to God and the highest ideals”.